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Vigan Tours

Calle Crisologo of Vigan is one of the most visited tourist destination in Nothern Luzon, it features historical building architectural design
Vigan- The capital city and a fifth class cities in the province of Ilocos Sur, it is situated in Western coast of Island of Luzon, fronting West Phil. Sea. The city is consider as one of World Heritage Site, Vigan is known as one of Hispanic towns left on Philippines, it features cobblestone streets and architectural design that fuses Philippines and oriental building designs and construction.

Vigan tours and travel from Manila usually takes 8-9 hours, but sometimes it takes ten hours to reach the city depending how frequent a travel stop over, the distance between Vigan and Manila is approximately 408 Km, almost double the distance between Manila- Baguio. There are several bus companies that cater transportation for local and foreign guest and visitor when visiting Vigan, Partas is one of the leading bus company that provides transportation, the terminal is situated within the heart of Quezon city, Cubao. Farinas, Dominion, Maria De Leon, Philippines Rabbit, Viron Transit are other Bus company that cater such trasportation. Other means of transportation is by domestic airplane, the travel usually takes an hour from Manila Domestic Airport to Laoag Airport, from Laoag it usually takes 1 1/2 hours travel to reach Vigan proper.

 Vigan Tours and Place to Visit :
Baluarte of Vigan is a well known animal sanctuary to protect and preserve animals especially endangered apecies

Baluarte : Baluarte, is an interactive wildlife animal sanctuary and facility. Unlike with the tradional Zoo, guest and visitor are given a chance to play and interact with the animal. The area was established to educate people, conserve and protect endangered species and animals, the area also features natural boulder on the center of green and trees.

Calle Crisologo : Calle Crisologo, "kameztizoan Districy of Vigan" , it features ancestral houses with ancient construction design pattern with Spanish- Chinese - Mexican Architectural design. Calle Crisologo brings back memories of Spanish era due to Kamestizoan District in Vigan is replete with ancestral houses with ancient tile roofs, massive hardwood floorings, ballustrades and azoteas in varying Spanish-Mexican-Chinese architectural styles.
Calle Crisologo brings back the old Spanish atmosphere starting with the cobblestone streets, the beautiful eaves of the ancient houses against the shadows of each other houses, and  the clacking noise of kalesa, a horse driven carriage.The street is the most popular site in the city and a visit is not complete unless you experience and walked though this street.
The street is also known as the only surviving street in World War II because of a loved. It is believe that a Japanese General that fell in love with a Filipina made an agreement with the parish priest that he will protect and avoid damaging Calle Crisologo in exchange that the priest will take care for his family.

St. Paul Metropolitan Church :  The chuch was constructed on 1790-1890 by Augustinian, the church was built on Earthquake Baroque style to secure the church from earthquake and typhoon, The church was supported by thick beam (butresses) for durability. A separate bell tower is located 15 meters away from the main structure so just in case the main building was damage by an eartquake there is another bell tower structure remain.

Where to Stay in Vigan (Vigan Hotels) : There are a lots of decent and unexpensive accomodation when staying in Vigan, among them are;

  • Aniceto Mansion Hotel
  • Casa Teofila Lodge
  • Codillera Inn
  • El Juliana Hotel
  • Godion Inn Bed and Breakfast
  • Grandpa's Inn
  • La Feliza Tourist Inn
  • La Fernandina Hotel and Restaurant
  • Mom's Courtyard
  • Paraiso ni Don Juan Beach Resort
  • Playa de Oro Resort Hotel
  • Socio Pastoral Center
  • Taj Hotel Resort and Bowling Lanes
  • UNP Guestel
  • Vigan Heritage Mansion
  • Vigan Plaza Hotel
  • Villa Angela Heritage House
Are you ready to experience Vigan now, It is time to visit one the of the most popular tourist spot in Philippines, Vigan.


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