Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tagaytay Highlands

Tagaytay highlands is one of the most popular tourist destination in Philippines for local visitor and foreign aswell, Tagaytay highlands is situated 2,100 feet above sea level and known as the highest area of Province of Cavite. The city is known for its cold weather and just 2 hours away from Manila, the route of transportation is by land, there are a lots of tourist bus company that caters transportation requirements for touist, the route is by South Luzon Expressway or by Coastal Road. The area is also known for its high end subdivision as a lot of wealthy Filipino opted to construct their rest houses due to its natural scenery and cold weather aswell. Aside from different tourist destination it offers, Tagaytay is also popular with its quality beef meat on Mahogany market.

Popular Tourist Spot in Tagaytay Highland:

Tagaytay is well known for its over looking view with Taal lake and volcano and provide one of the iconic views, Taal volcano is known as one of the most smallest active Volcano in the world but in reality the visible are of the volcano is just the crater and the body is widely covered by taal lake water, Taal volcano are situated on the center of Taal lake and seems to be an Island, Taal Lake is also known as one of the 12 most beautiful lakes in the world

Picnic Groove : It is a place where you rent places for overnight stay, it is a small park with rentable horse back riding for visitors enjoyment. It is located along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway going to city proper.

Palace in The Sky: It is a unfinished mansion house of Former Philippine President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos to host Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan state visit, but due to the unrest during that time President Reagan decided to cancel his Philippines visit. The mansion is known for its scenic view on Taal lake and Volcano.
Considering the small distance between Metro Manila and other popular tourist destination adjacent to Tagaytay, Tagaytay city is truly a haven for foreign and local visitor.


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