Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Manila Tourist Attraction

Manila or Maynila is the capital of the Philippines and one of the most visited tourist spot in Philippines, it is one of the 16 cities that comprise of National Capital Region or Metro Manila. It has an area of 38.55 square kilometer with a population of  approximately 1.8 million people that makes it one of most densely pupulated city in the world. The local dialect in Manila is Tagalog or Filipino language and majority of people in Manila are able to speak or at least understand basic English that makes it a foreign tourist friendly. Internetional in Philippines is situated in Manila but some portion are located in Pasay and Paranaque which are adjacent to Manila proper. The weather in Manila is warm and humid because it is just adjacent to Manila bay. The mode of transportation within Manila proper and its adjacent sities are Taxi cab,  Jeepney, tricycle, pedicab, kuliglig and there is some kalesa in some area in Manila particularly in Binondo area. Manila is very popular with local and foreign tourist for the reason that it is adjacent to some major tourist attraction in Philippines, it is nearby in International airport and domestic airport for easy travel in far away tourist spot destination in Philippines. Here is some Tourist spot in Manila.

Rizal park or luneta is one of the most visited tourist destination in downtown manila
Luneta or Rizal Park: It could be the most popular park in the Philippines because of its significant for Philippine history, Historically Luneta is known as Bagumbayan and known as a execution place for criminals and or some Filipino that are against with Spain politically, some of Them are the Gomburza ( Gomes, Burgos, Zamora) a filipino priest that accused by subversion arising from Cavite mutiny and off course Luneta is famously known as the execution place for our national hero in December 30, 1899 Dr. Jose Rizal. Aside from its historical value Rizal park is popular for sunset sightseeing in Manila bay.

Manila Cathedral : It is also known as Cathedral Basillica of Immaculate Conception, it is a popular manila tourist destination for the historical value it offers. It is established in 1581 using bamboo and nipa hut. Manila cathedral is located in Intramuros known also a historical place in Manila.

Walled City of Intramuros (Fort Santiago): The wall was erected by the Spanish as a military defense structure from from Filipino freedom fighter. Dr. Jose Rizal was also inprisoned in Fort Santiago until the time of his execution Bagumbayan (Luneta).

Ocean Park Manila: It is situated just across of Rizal Park at the back of Quirino Grandstand.

Manila Bay: It is situated along Roxas Blvd and famous for sunset sightseeing.

Divisoria Market/ Tutuban Market: Famous for shoppers, find here anything you want at affordable price

It is just a partial list of popular tourist attraction in City of Manila as there still a lots of interesting places to visit.

Accomodation is also not a problem in Manila as there is a lot of hotel or inn that are available depending on your budget from the sophisticated Manila hotel situated in Roxaz Boulevard (Near Quirino grandstand) to low cost Manila hotel situated in Malate area. Whenever you decide to visit our Country Philippines, be assure to visit our historical tourist spot in Philippines particularly in Manila and discover a bit about our country Philippines.


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