Thursday, April 12, 2012

Luneta Park

Luneta Park or Rizal park, consider as the National Park on the Philippines, located along the center of Manila, fronting world famous natural harbour known as Manila Bay. Luneta was established to honor our National hero, pacist Jose Rizal, the location mark by Rizal monument as the exact location of Rizal's execution. Since the Spanish colonial period, the park is a favorite destination for family picnics and unwining during Sundays and Holidays. The Luneta park is just adjacent to Manila City Hall and Intramuros, old walled city of Manila.

 The Luneta park is bounded by Roxas Boulevard, Taft Avenue, Padre Burgoz, and T.M. Kalaw. It is 40 minutes away from Manila International Airport depending on the volume of traffic, it is accesible by Public Utility Jeepney , Taxi cab and Light Rail Transit from Baclaran (Southern part) and Monumento (Nothern).

Place of Interest on Luneta:

Luneta is a popular tourist destination in Manila as there are a lots of place of interest with in its vicinity. Manila Bay is one of the busiest harbour in the world is just a walking distance from Luneta, the bay is popular with its sunset scenic view. The park is also adjacent to Manila Hotel, a popular 5 star Hotel right on the heart of Manila. You could also always visit Intramuros while in Luneta as it just adjacent on the area. Manila Ocean Park is another place of interest when visiting Luneta, the ocean park is located just across the Quirino Grandstand and along Manila Bay. Manila Ocean Park is comparable with Hongkong Ocean Park as it features different sea species and creatures on its life size aquarium. National Library, Philippines premiere public library is also accesible along with other historical places such as Manila Cathedral, National Museum of the Philippines.The park also open to the public a raised map of the Philippines, it is a scale map of the country located on the center of man made lake.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Mindanao Travel Guide

Mindanao is the second largest Island in Philippines, located in the Eastermost part of the country. It is also known as one of the three main Island of  the country,  the other 2 namely Luzon and Visayas, Mindanao is compose of the main Island along with its smaller Island. Mindanao is the only place in Phillipines where there is significant Muslim people.
Mindanao is blessed with natural resources along with its best tourist destination, but due to some insurgency along with peace and problem on some isolated area of the Island that is often attached to the island of Mindanao. As I have said the problem is just isolated on some remote area of Mindanao and those conflict ridden area must be avoided. In reality Mindanao is a big area and majority of those places are inhabited by peace loving Christian and Muslim aswell, and some of those area was blessed and offers so much for travel aficionado. Mindanao is called the land of the promise for its vastness of natural resources and wonderful tourist spot destination.
I have here top local attraction in Mindanao for both foreign and Local tourist guest:
Cagayan de Oro : Birth place of my father, Cagayan de Oro (CDO) is a major entranced to some landlocked major tourist destination in Mindanao province. Cagayan de Oro City is very accessible for tourist from Manila as it has its own Domestic Airport and Seaport aswell, Both opens Cagayan de Oro to its neighboring province for trades and commerce that makes it as one of the most progressive area in Mindanao. The area is known for white water rafting adventure. Increase your bodies adrenalin with wild river ride, be cautious because the adventure is not for the faint of heart because you have to navigate the river from a small rubber boat while strong current of water threatens to overtun your boat. When leaving Cagayan de Oro, don’t forget to buy the cities original sweet delicacy known as Pastel along with roasted peanuts.
Camiguin Island : Camiguin Island is known for its active volcano known as Hibok-Hibok, for its amazing white sand beaches and its underwater cementery. Be amazed with the natural beauty of the area while and feed your mind with its astounding natural sceneries.
Bukidno : Bukidnon is known as the largest pineapple farm in the Philippines, the area is known for its vast plain and mountain allows the well of to own herd of farm animals within their haciendas, want to see real life Filipino style cowboy, visit the province.
Davao City : The province is known for its commercial and economic importance in Mindanao with its Domestic airport and seaports that open the city on its neighboring places. Davao is known for its pungent smelling Durian fruit but once the fruit is tasted it seems that you were in heaven. Davao is also a major producer of sweet sour Pomelo and export quality tasty Marang and Banana. Along with its fruits, Davao is also known for its fascinating tourist destination and to name some are Pearl Farm, White sand beaches of Samal Island that offers variation of lodges that will surely anybodies budget, Mount Apo as the highest peak in the country is aso located at Davao province. The province is also known for its wildlife preservation with its crocodile farm and Philippine eagle sanctuary.
Siargao Island : The area is now recognized as the best surfer destination in the Philippines for its huge rolling waves, The island is starting to established a name as one of the best in the world nowadays as it host international surfing events every month of October.
The destination is just a handful list as a Mindanao travel guide.Please come back for more Philippine tourist attractions and see best place where to travel to while in Philippines.